Computer Literacy Assessments - Skills Evaluation Tool

ML Computer Training is committed to accurately identify your computer training needs and to provide you with customized computer training solutions that can be offered to you at your location or on-line with our state of the art training portal.

Benefits of a Computer Literacy assessment:

Ensure that on-line students are prepared for success
Provide customizable courses based on a clear assessment of your students’ needs
Place your students in the course that best fits their skill level

Todays students arrive with a wide range of computer skills. Optimal course placement ensures higher success rates and less frustration for students. It also allows instructors to focus on teaching the content of the course instead of assisting ill-prepared students.

Students lacking sufficient knowledge of e-mail, file management, and other computer concepts struggle to use the basic tools necessary for success in on-line courses. With pre-course assessments, individual students lacking critical skills and knowledge can be identified and encouraged to take prerequisite courses or develop proficiency on their own.

Knowing our students’ strengths and weaknesses enables us to tailor course content to meet their unique needs. Assessments can be taken before, during, and after the course to identify needed areas of additional emphasis, allowing ML Computer Training to make mid-course adjustments and confirm learning has taken place.

Built on a proven platform, the Skills Evaluation Tool (SET) provides all the tools we'll need to create, administer, and grade tests that accurately evaluate the students’ skills. Students demonstrate their understanding of the application with a variety of paths to the correct answer.  Test scores are available for analysis immediately upon test completion.

Assessments performed by the end-user (information sent to the end-user via email or USPS) - $100.00
Assessments performed on-site with end-user (assisted assessments) - $200.00
Re-assessments can be provided if necessary post training (measuring the end-users level of improvement) - $75.00

(All assessments include a report that will be provided to the person ordering the assessment(s), outlining areas of strengths / difficulties in computer use and or improvements for that individual.  Recommendations will be made regarding course placement.)

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